[mrtg-developers] [mrtg] maximal value in monthly and yearly graph

S Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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This is correct; the reason is that the Max value shown under the graph (80K) is the maximal *sample*, however the graph line you are seeing shows the average over the consolidation group.
On a daily graph, each graph point is one sample (5min), so the peak of the line matches the maximum sample.
On a yearly graph, each graph point is the average of 288 samples (1day), and so will be lower than the maximum sample value (unless all 288 samples are the same of course...)
If you display the Peak lines (WithPeak[]: wmy) then you will notice that the peaks of the Peak lines matches the Max sample value as reported.
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I tried finding an answer for my query for long but didn't really get any help.
I have MRTG configured and i use 14all.cgi to plot the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs.

I see that the maximal value in monthly and yearly graphs in the legend is different from what i see in the graph. ex: the maximal value shows 80K in the legend below the yearly graph but the graph Y axis scale is only till 60K.

I have autoscaling ON and the daily and weekly graphs are auto-scaled for the same rrd. Why is it so?

Thanks in advance.

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