[mrtg-developers] Mathematical operations on OIDs

S Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Oct 22 00:29:24 CEST 2009

MRTG is able to handle negative values, provided that:
a)       you are using RRDTool as your backend, not native mode, and
b)       You manually set the Minimum for the DS appropriately within the RRD file using RRDTune (MRTG always sets the minimum to 0).

Also, unless this is a gauge, you might need to use 'derive' rather than 'counter' in order to cope with negative slopes.


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Hi Steve,

This solution worked. But now i have a problem when the calcualtion results in a negative value.

Lets say [oid1 - (oid2 * 5)] gives a positive value and [oid3 - (oid4 * 10)] gives a negative value then the rrds are not able to update these values and hence my graph shows Nan

Have you come across something like this before? Can mrtg can handle this?


S Shipway wrote:
This is not possible as you state it; Target line calculations can only be done on an OID pair.  However you might achieve it like this:

Target[targetname]: oid1&oid3:comm. at host - ( oid2&oid4:comm at host * 5 + ( pseudoZero&oid4:comm. at host * 5 ) )

Note that the spaces around the brackets and arithmetic signs are essential.  'pseudoZero' is a magic MRTG virtualOID that always resolves to zero.

Check the documentation on complex calculated Target lines online at www.mrtg.org<http://www.mrtg.org/> or get a copy of the book from www.steveshipway.org/book<http://www.steveshipway.org/book>

Your example below is using oid4x10 in one place but oid4x8 in another but I guess that's just a typo.


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Subject: [mrtg-developers] Mathematical operations on OIDs

Hi all,

I want to perform mathematical operations on OIDs in the target line. For example, there are 4 oids as shown below:
        traffic packet
In oid1 oid2
Out oid3 oid4

Now i want to apply the following formula
        traffic in  = oid1 - (oid2 * 5)
        traffic out = oid3 - (oid4 * 10)

My target line in router cfg file is like this:
Target[targetname]: oid1&oid3:comm at hostname - (oid2 * 5)&(oid4 * 8):comm at hostname

Is this possible in MRTG? Can the router cfg file handle oids with mathematical operations?

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