[mrtg-developers] Juniper Netscreen ssg description

Peter Stessel peter.stessel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 17:18:33 CEST 2012


I'm Peter and work at a small hospital in Belgium.
i'm new to this list but don't have much programming experience in Perl.
I use mrtg to monitor the bandwith usage of 2 Juniper Netscreen routers
(models ssg140 and ssg5)
When i run the cfgmaker with --ifdescr=descr or ifAlias option, I never
seem to get what is set as description of the interface since Juniper sets
this in a different OID named nsIfDescr at

Could someone point me in a direction where to change the source of
cfgmaker (using version 2.16.2 currently) to add support for this oid? So
far I've located the if block at line 168 to determine if it's a Cisco or
other device. I would try to add a similar statement for Juniper too and
add the oid to the definition of the snmpmapObjID's variables at line 1544.

Could anyone point out what else to change in the code? Or would it be too
hard to start working on, never having programmed in Perl before?

Thanks in advance for the assistance,

Peter Stessel
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