[mrtg] MC2-MRTG Configuration Checker Can't Work

Budi Wiyono budiw at idola.net.id
Wed Aug 4 01:02:00 MEST 1999

Dear Mr Michael Grob.,

1. Get a Cfg
I'm trying MC2-MRTG Configuration Checker.
With MC2 Applet, when i click "Get Cfg..."
Ther Error message: 
I/O Error: java.io.FileNotFound Exception: 

2. Try to check cfgreader.pl:
When I'm trying to run cfgreader.pl, 
That script can produce output, but I *cannot see the output at my browser*, 
because there is warning before "Content-type: text/plain".

Here is what i did: 
./cfgreader.pl /data/cfg/mrtg.cfg > out
Value of <HANDLE> construct can be "0"; test with defined() at
./cfgreader.pl line 65535.
Name "main::r" used only once: possible typo at ./cfgreader.pl line 58.

Pls Help...

Budi W

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