[mrtg] Cisco + Ascend modem users

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Tue Aug 3 22:51:12 MEST 1999


hi again. I have mrtg monitoring my Ascend and Cisco modem users. But I want
to monitor Ascend and Cisco in the same graph. I tried some confs but they
didn't work.

I'm using for Cisco:

Target[cs-bsb01-modems]: `/usr/bin/finger pub at router | /bin/egrep -c ' tty '
| awk '{printf $1 "\n" $1 "\n0\n0\n"}' `
Options[cs-bsb01-modems]: gauge
MaxBytes[cs-bsb01-modems]: 16
Unscaled[cs-bsb01-modems]: dwmy
Title[cs-bsb01-modems]: Modem usage on cs-bsb01
YLegend[cs-bsb01-modems]: Modems in use
ShortLegend[cs-bsb01-modems]: Users
PageTop[cs-bsb01-modems]: <H1>Modem usage on cs-bsb01</H1>
        <TR><TD>Maintained by:</TD><TD>Marco Quinta</a></TD></TR>
        <TR><TD>Location:</TD><TD>Brasília - DF</TD></TR>
        <TR><TD>Max Users</TD><TD>16</TD></TR>

And to Ascend I'm using:

Target[as-bsb02-modems]: at router
Options[as-bsb02-modems]: gauge
MaxBytes[as-bsb02-modems]: 30
Unscaled[as-bsb02-modems]: dwmy
Title[as-bsb02-modems]: Modem usage on as-bsb02
YLegend[as-bsb02-modems]: Modems in use
ShortLegend[as-bsb02-modems]: Users
PageTop[as-bsb02-modems]: <H1>Modem usage on as-bsb02</H1>
        <TR><TD>Maintained by:</TD><TD>Marco Quinta</a></TD></TR>
        <TR><TD>Location:</TD><TD>Brasília - DF</TD></TR>
        <TR><TD>Max Users</TD><TD>30</TD></TR>

With those I didn't need MIBs.

Do you know how can I add one to another?

Thank's one more time.

Gustavo Lima
Supervisor de Suporte
Tel.: 328-1990

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