[mrtg] Re: Cisco + Ascend modem users

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Tue Aug 3 23:06:59 MEST 1999

I think the easiest way to 'join' data from different sources is doing a
simple shell script ! I use that to show modem usage on a Livingston PM3 and
one Ascend Max 6000 on the same graph !

You can do a shell script with four lines

1 line) command that show number of modens usage on one device
2 line) command that show modens on the other device
3 line) should be the uptime. As they are different devices, what about
writing 'a lot of time'
4 line) device name. What about writing 'Multiple Devices'

The shell script i use to 'join' the data i said on the beggining of the
mail is:

/usr/local/mrtg/PM3Lines-new.pl community at portmaster
snmpget ascend community . | cut -d"=" -f2 | cut -c2-8
echo "a lot of time"
echo "magic & bill"

Just note the PM3Lines-new.pl returns a number. The number of modens on

With that, I did:

Target[magicbill]: `/usr/local/mrtg/linhas.sh`
Options[magicbill]: absolute, gauge
MaxBytes[magicbill]: 60
AbsMax[magicbill]: 60
Directory[magicbill]: persogo
Title[magicbill]: bill e magic - Modens Usage
Unscaled[magicbill]: dwyn
YLegend[magicbill]: Interfaces
ShortLegend[magicbill]: if's
Legend1[magicbill]: PortMaster3
Legend2[magicbill]: Ascend Max 6000
Legend3[magicbill]: Maximal 5 Minute PortMaster3
Legend4[magicbill]: Maximal 5 Minute Ascend Max 6000
LegendI[magicbill]:   PM3:
LegendO[magicbill]:   Ascend:
PageTop[magicbill]: <H1>Modens Usage - bill e magic

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Subject: [mrtg] Cisco + Ascend modem users


hi again. I have mrtg monitoring my Ascend and Cisco modem users. But I want
to monitor Ascend and Cisco in the same graph. I tried some confs but they
didn't work.

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