[mrtg] IP unnumbered and ifIndex

Vivien LAM vivienna at pacific.net.hk
Wed Aug 4 11:35:10 MEST 1999

I have problem on using MRTG to monitor the interfaces on some Cisco
routers which use "IP unnumbered" on the interfaces.

As stated in the "config.txt" of v2.8.6:
     * Sometimes SNMP interface index can change, like when new
       interfaces are added or removed. This can cause all Target entries
       in your config file to become wrong by offset, causing MRTG to
       graphs wrong instances etc.  MRTG supports IP address instead of
       ifindex in target definition....

However, since the routers I wanted to monitor is using "IP unnumbered" on
the interface and also the ifIndex will also be changed, it's likely that
there is no way for mrtg to take a "index" to recognize the interface when
it execute.

Any solution and suggstion?  Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Vivien Lam
Pacific Supernet Ltd.

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