[mrtg] Re: IP unnumbered and ifIndex

Alan J. Flavell flavell at a5.ph.gla.ac.uk
Wed Aug 4 11:40:56 MEST 1999

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Vivien LAM wrote:

> I have problem on using MRTG to monitor the interfaces on some Cisco
> routers which use "IP unnumbered" on the interfaces.
> As stated in the "config.txt" of v2.8.6:
>      * Sometimes SNMP interface index can change, like when new
>        interfaces are added or removed. This can cause all Target entries
>        in your config file to become wrong by offset, causing MRTG to
>        graphs wrong instances etc.  MRTG supports IP address instead of
>        ifindex in target definition....
> However, since the routers I wanted to monitor is using "IP unnumbered" on
> the interface and also the ifIndex will also be changed, it's likely that
> there is no way for mrtg to take a "index" to recognize the interface when
> it execute.
> Any solution and suggstion?  

The only solution seems to be: don't use that option.  On the basis of
what you said, it clearly cannot work.

How about the -d option instead?  

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