[mrtg] Re: Memory Usage on Cisco

djoy at ca.ibm.com djoy at ca.ibm.com
Wed Aug 4 16:08:46 MEST 1999

I read your recent posting on memory utilization and have tried it here.  The
results I get are confusing though.

Max Memory used:              1441.2 kb (4.3%)
Average Memory used:     1095.0 kb (3.3%)
Current Memory used:         1441.2 kb (4.3%)
 Max Memory free:                18.9 Mb (56.4%)
Average Memory free:        14.4 Mb (42.9%)
Current Memory free:            18.9 Mb (56.4%)

I have 32 M in this machine, you number seems to match that:

32768 * 1024 = 33554432

So why don't my current mem used and current mem free add up to 32M?

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