[mrtg] Computing 3 Objects

Krawczyk, Jeff Jeff.Krawczyk at weamfg.com
Wed Aug 4 16:39:12 MEST 1999


Is the following possible with mrtg-2.7.4b?

Scenario: The CPU utilization on our Unix box is broken out into three
objects. One OID for System, one OID for User and lastly one OID for Idle.
See below

computerSystemUserCPU      Counter
computerSystemSysCPU      Counter
computerSystemIdleCPU      Counter

If I graph each one I get incorrect information, obviously because I need to
factor all three to meet 100% as exampled below:
	Graphing System CPU Usage

Total = computerSystemUserCPU + computerSystemSysCPU + computerSystemIdleCPU
computerSystemSysCPU / Total * 100 = percentage

Can this be done with MRTG? If I need to write a C program I can. However,
how would I interface my output into MRTG?

The Cadillac would be to have all three values plotted on a graph on a scale
of 100!!!


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