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Wed Aug 4 20:05:37 MEST 1999

just a quick thought without thinking it through very thoroughly - why not

1 - System
2 - System + User
Max = 100

this way under the first line (the solid part) would be the first value -
adding the second value to the first would then place User on top of System
so that the User time would be between the solid and the line graph then the
remaining portion at the top would be the Idle time

yes i know you would not know what percentage any one of them would be at
any instant in time, but is this really any worse than plotting three lines
and then trying to figure it out from that plot??  the real question here is
what information are you wanting to see - what are the trends - or - what
was the exact idle time at 4:56 the yesterday morning

and then there is the weekly, monthly and yearly graphs - they should be
really busy ;->

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> Greetings,
> Is the following possible with mrtg-2.7.4b?
> Scenario: The CPU utilization on our Unix box is broken out into three
> objects. One OID for System, one OID for User and lastly one OID for Idle.
> See below
> computerSystemUserCPU      Counter
> read-only
> computerSystemSysCPU      Counter
> read-only
> computerSystemIdleCPU      Counter
> read-only
> If I graph each one I get incorrect information, obviously because I need
> to
> factor all three to meet 100% as exampled below:
> 	Graphing System CPU Usage
> Total = computerSystemUserCPU + computerSystemSysCPU +
> computerSystemIdleCPU
> computerSystemSysCPU / Total * 100 = percentage
> Can this be done with MRTG? If I need to write a C program I can. However,
> how would I interface my output into MRTG?
> The Cadillac would be to have all three values plotted on a graph on a
> scale
> of 100!!!
> regards
> Jeff

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