[mrtg] Which Perl version?

Jeff Liebermann jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us
Thu Aug 5 05:19:15 MEST 1999

I didn't notice that the minimum required version
of Perl is now 5.004_4 as described on the MRTG
web page.  As a result, I've been telling people
in my Windoze 95/98 install instructions, to use
the 5.003_07 based Win32 version from ActiveState.
This older version works just fine for me but I
may be missing some error or feature.  Also, it
appears that ActiveState is not continuing development
on this Win32 version and emphasizing the ActivePerl
version based on 5.005_03.  I looked at the release
notes for 5.004 and found nothing that I would expect
to cause problems with MRTG.  Perhaps some of the
contributions require later versions?

I can update all my MRTG installations with new versions
of Perl, but the time and effort is a bit much
(i.e. I want to take a vacation).

1.  So, what is the *REAL* minimum Perl version?

2.  If 5.004 really is a minimum Perl version, perhaps
updating the:
	require 5.003
line in the MRTG Perl script would be useful.

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