[mrtg] As5300 questions

Saknon Kangsumrith saknon at inet.co.th
Thu Aug 5 06:39:44 MEST 1999

To all
  Does anyone know how can I map username on tty with Vixx on Cisco
As5300? By showing user on AS5300...

AS5300#sh users
    Line     User      Host(s)                  Idle Location
   2 tty 2   chungcp   Async interface          0
   3 tty 3   noppornw  Async interface          0
   14 tty 14  lukra     Async interface          0

  Vi31       chungcp   Virtual PPP (VDP   ) 00:07:04
  Vi59       noppornw  Virtual PPP (VDP   ) 00:24:52
  Vi76       lukra     Virtual PPP (VDP   ) 00:09:23
 Interface  User      Mode                     Idle Peer Address


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