[mrtg] Adding mibs

Bradford Woodcock bwoodcoc at bbn.com
Thu Aug 5 15:45:55 MEST 1999


I would like to plot ifErrors and ifDiscards on a single graph. One line is
to represent ifInErrors+ifOutErrors while the other line plots

I get the following target to execute (on single line):

ifInErrors.2&ifOutErrors.2:public at router + 
ifInDiscards.2&ifOutDiscards.2:public at router

but I'm unsure what it is adding as all the values are 0 to date. Is it
adding the Errors together and the Discards together? Or is it adding the
1st variable of each and the 2nd variable of each (which would be
ifInErrors+ifInDiscards and ifOutErrors+ifOutDiscards).

If this is the case then my target should be:

ifInErrors.2&ifInDiscards.2:public at router +
ifOutErrors.2&ifOutDiscards.2:public at router

Can anyone confirm this?

thanks in advance,

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