[mrtg] Re: Adding mibs

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Thu Aug 5 16:10:36 MEST 1999

> Greetings,
> I would like to plot ifErrors and ifDiscards on a single graph. One
line is
> to represent ifInErrors+ifOutErrors while the other line plots
> ifInDiscards+ifOutDiscards.
> I get the following target to execute (on single line):
> ifInErrors.2&ifOutErrors.2:public at router +
> ifInDiscards.2&ifOutDiscards.2:public at router

Here it is adding the ifInErrors+ifInDiscards on the Blue line and
ifOutErrors+ifOutDiscards on the green solid mass. So you are getting
what you think you are getting. LegendI is the first item LegendO is the
second item with the Ampersand seperating them, if that makes it easier
to understand.

> but I'm unsure what it is adding as all the values are 0 to date. Is
> adding the Errors together and the Discards together? Or is it adding
> 1st variable of each and the 2nd variable of each (which would be
> ifInErrors+ifInDiscards and ifOutErrors+ifOutDiscards).
> If this is the case then my target should be:
> ifInErrors.2&ifInDiscards.2:public at router +
> ifOutErrors.2&ifOutDiscards.2:public at router
> Can anyone confirm this?

David C Prall, MCSE MCNE                                            DCP
dcp at dcptech.com
Alexandria, VA
dcppage at dcptech.com

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