[mrtg] ONLine HUbs

Michael Baumann M.Baumann at klinikum-krefeld.de
Fri Aug 6 09:12:46 MEST 1999


since i'm new in dealing with mrtg and got from some of you hints for
downloading Chipcom-MIB's i'm still not able to locate the OID's i need.
Using getif on that hub ends with an huge amount of MIB-entries (over
500) with lot starting with enterprise.x.x.x). Reading the MIB itself
cofuses me for a bit yet.

My request: I try to monitor the collision rate for some ONline Hubs.
The hub give it to me via a telnet-session, so there nust be a way to
monitor it with MRTG.

Is there anyone in this community who does this same work, so he has my
needed OID????

Thanks in advance


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