[mrtg] Re: Stats For Lucent PortMaster 4

Butch Kemper kemper at bihs.net
Mon Aug 9 15:38:43 MEST 1999

At 07:03 AM 8/9/99 , you wrote:
> > We aquiring a Portmaster 4 and I am having trouble getting stats from
> > this portmaster via mrtg.  I am using SuSE Linux 5.3 with mrtg 2.7.2   I
> > tries pm3lines.pl on the portmaster, but I don't think you can used this
> > script for this type of portmaster.   Any body got any suggetions....I
> > could really use some help here.  From what I can see, the MIB structure
> > is different on a pm4.
>You can't use pm3lines it doesn't work, there is a modified version
>flying around which does work, here's a copy of the one we're using
>which is modified a little bit more (well hacked rather than modified
>methinks!), you would probably be better getting the original, but if
>you can't find it heres ours:-

There is a module "pmlines" which works with PM2 and PM3.

The "pmlines" would work with the PM4 but Lucent has an error in the MIB 
values returned by the PM4.  An incident has been opened with Lucent about 
the problem and once they correct it, the "pmlines" module will work 
correctly with the PM4.


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