[mrtg] VLANS and MRTG

Phillip Ryker pryker at skynetweb.com
Wed Aug 11 14:49:51 MEST 1999

I am still having problems figuring out how to get MRTG to read in/out
traffic for switched ports in Different VLANS.

I have a cisco 2924XL switch.  It is VLANED into 4 segments as follows:

	ports 1-8:	VLAN 1
	ports 9-16:	VLAN 2
	ports 17-20:	VLAN 3
	ports 21-24:	VLAN 4

When I run cfgmaker on the switch it sees all the ports just fine.  When
I  run MRTG on the .cfg file it only reads traffic for ports on the
first VLAN.  It shows "0" for all the other ports.  I have not been able
to figure this one out and I unfortunetly do not have an extensive
knowledge of SNMP.  I tried walking the switch and really do not know
what I am looking at or for??

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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