[mrtg] Windows NT 4.0 and SNMP

Matt Connley MConnley at GiantStep.com
Tue Aug 17 21:01:33 MEST 1999

Hey everybody,

I know there have been many questions regarding implementing MRTG to monitor
NT statistics.  I've encountered problems of my own in attempting to do
this, and I'm wondering if there are any resources available out there to
educate system administrators about SNMP on Windows NT.  If any of you know
any TechNet articles, publications, books, or websites that may be helpful
in educating people about SNMP and NT, let me know.  I personally would like
to read up on the topic in general to assist me in implementing MRTG as well
as some other SNMP-based management tools in my hosting environment.  So if
you could, let me know of any materials that you think may be helpful, and
I'd greatly appreciate it.  Also, I think that many other subscribers to
this list would be interested in gaining such knowledge, and with such
knowledge could further assist all the subscribers to this list.

Thanks again!

Matt Connley
Hosting Operations Coordinator
Giant Step Productions
p.	312.385.2828
vm.	312.385.2691

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