[mrtg] Re: ascendget and mrtg....ok i GOT IT

Christopher lapointe cfllist at mix-net.net
Tue Aug 24 01:01:01 MEST 1999

./snmpwalk mymax mdmLineState
returns the modem lines and states....not quite as in the example
script..I'll hack at it to do what i want. ie modem calls , isdn calls
,total ports in use and post it thanks for the help.

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Christopher lapointe wrote:

> Thanks for the replies, I just got in and I'm continuing my adventure
> here.
> Chris

> An additional piece of confusion from the FAQ site:
> Anybody have any ideas how to monitor an Ascend MAX? 
> Check /mrtg/contrib/ascendget directory where you unpacked mrtg.
> Basically, you need to do the following:
>    1.Get the Ascend MIB 
>    2.Use mrtg v2.1 or later 
>    3.Use the modified snmpwalk included in the ascendget directory. 
>    4.Get TCL v7.5 or later. 
>    5.Use a cron job to snmpwalk the MAX on intervals. 
>    6.Add up the results. 
>    7.Write out the files. 
>    8.Use a modified cfg with mrtg. 

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