[mrtg] Temperature monitoring on Alpha server: HOWTO

Michele Michelotto michele.michelotto at pd.infn.it
Tue Aug 24 12:16:02 MEST 1999

Hello everybody

I'm usign these configuration to monitor the
temperature seen by the CPU (is very close to the
air temperature in the room) in some Alpha Server

This is a DS20 but it works also for the previous model
Alpha Server 4000.

The second value that I plot is almost useless, it's
the limit level at which the CPU shuts down.

This OID is present also in other Digital ehmm Compaq
server with Digital Unix but gives non-sense values.

I'm interested in knowing if other servers have an OID
for the temperature. (Not yhe temperatures
of the CISCOs please)

MaxBytes[gand1.temp]: 100
Target[gand1.temp]: at XXXXXXXX
PageTop[gand1.temp]: <H1> XXXXX's temperature </H1> 
Options[gand1.temp]: gauge, noinfo, absolute, nopercent
ShortLegend[gand1.temp]: &nbsp;&#176;C
YLegend[gand1.temp]: Degree Celsius
Legend1[gand1.temp]: Temp
Legend2[gand1.temp]: Limit-Temp
Legend3[gand1.temp]: max-temp
Legend4[gand1.temp]: max-lim
LegendI[gand1.temp]: temp
LegendO[gand1.temp]: limit
WithPeak[gand1.temp]: ym

Of course you may want to complete it with the Threshold stuff
to send you an alarm well before the temperature reaches the limit.
I found it very useful this summer because the air conditing
turned off a couple of time.

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