[mrtg] how to get port information?

A. Karim karim at thehub.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 15:42:34 MEST 1999

hi, this may sound stupid.

I am new to mrtg and I am stuck in setting up the mrtg.cfg file because
I cannot get the information of my router (or even my NT server).
Can anyone please tell me how can I get the information of my router (or

even my NT server). ? I am trying to use cfgmaker to get the information

but it comes back with SNMP error.  Connection refused!

I use the following command:   ./cfgmaker public at routerip

this returns SNMP error : connection refused. (along with other details)

I know that I need to set up the agent but not sure how?  Does anyone
know how to or direct me to the right direction?  Any kind of help would

be much appreciated!!

Abdul Karim

The Hub Communications Company
The Farmhouse,
Syon Park,
Tel  +44 (0)181 560 9222
mobile: 0961 525 915
Fax  +44 (0)181 560 9333
Email karim at thehub.co.uk
URL: http://www.thehub.co.uk

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