[mrtg] ANNOUNCE: mrtg-2.8.7 released ...

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Thu Aug 26 18:42:05 MEST 1999


I have just released mrtg-2.8.7 ... 

as usual you can get it from 

(the mirrors will have it in a day or two)

Lots of changes in this release ... but nothing major. I have tried to make
compilation a little bit more stable with all these shared libraries which
are creeping in. A number of new Locales have been contributed ... And many
other little bits and pieces ... But see for yourself.

I will be off-line for the next 4 weeks, so please be brave and take
consolation in the fact that I will be back in October ...


Changes 2.8.7
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de>
 - contrib: RRDtool integration -> contrib/14all
From: Xenitellis S <S.Xenitellis at rhbnc.ac.uk>
 - greek locales
From: Andrea Rossi <rouge at shiny.it>
 - italian locales
From: Martin Goebel <mago at farm.de>
 - better HTML for indexmaker ...
From: "Stieers, Ken" <KStieers at DainRauscher.com>
 - added a new switch to indexmaker ( [-v d|w|m|y] ) which allows you to
   select which graphs you get.
From: Daniel Haun <dhaun at snark.cx>
 - indexmaker can now take - as a filename to allow input from stdin
 - cfgmaker_ip works with IOS 10.0 now (CRLF <=> LF in sysDescr)
From: Tobi
 - allow targets with name of Option entries ... 
From: Marcelo Roccasalva <marcelo at mendoza.gov.ar>
 - contributed Spanish locale
From: Tobi
 - added LD_RUN_PATH to make file and configure in support for shared
   libraries ...
From: Luiz Felipe R E <lf at encarnacao.com>
 - fixed gifpath for NT
 - added Brazilian Portuguese locales
From: Barry van Dijk <barry at dijk.com>
 - added Dutch locales 
From: calle olsen <calle at volvo.se>
 - updated stat.pl in contrib
From: tobi
 - added -lm do default LDFLAGS
From: Daisuke Aoyama <jack at st.rim.or.jp>
 - fixes for generated HTML
From: Dmitry S. Sivachenko <dima at Chg.RU>
 - added russian translation

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