[mrtg] Monitoring BW on Cisco ATM Interface per PVC

MRTG MRTG at exchange.ware.net
Mon Aug 30 05:36:34 MEST 1999

Hi Folks,

I have potentially a simple Question.

I'm curious if it's possible to monitor the bandwidth of multiple PVCs
on the same interface.
For instance I have my DSL customers coming into a 7206. The config is:

interface ATM1/0
 ip address x.x.x.x
 no ip directed-broadcast
 map-group DSL1
 atm scrambling cell-payload
 atm framing cbitplcp
 atm pvc 1 0 32 aal5snap
 atm pvc 2 0 33 aal5snap
 atm pvc 3 0 34 aal5snap
 atm pvc 4 0 35 aal5snap
 atm pvc 6 0 37 aal5snap
 atm pvc 9 0 40 aal5snap
 atm pvc 10 0 41 aal5snap
 atm pvc 11 0 42 aal5snap      

Can I track the bandwidth via SNMP for each of these PVCs?



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