[mrtg] Re: USR TOTALswitch

Steve Witucke steve+mrtg at iosys.net
Thu Dec 2 15:53:30 MET 1999

That's not cool...there's really no way to tell how big a packet is...I'd try
your query on my switch, but I have some problems with my installation of
udc-snmp :)

[root at fred /root]# snmpget switch.domain.ext public
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

What OS version are you running on your switch?

I have: 
Version: 02.01.07R   Date: Jul 22 1996   Time: 13:55:46
Backplane type: Tower, speed 40MHz

I know that there are newer ones available: 
ts020200.zip  200867  2.2  10/30/1997  TOTALswitch version 2.2  

Any further ideas?

On Wed, 01 Dec 1999 22:53:38 -0600, you wrote:

>sure are packets, look that
>[root at ns /root]# snmpget switch1 public .
>interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInUcastPkts.1 = 12570025
>there is the description "interface in unicast packets"
>[root at ns /root]# snmpget switch1 public .
>interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOutUcastPkts.1 = 17514415

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