[mrtg] Re: Need HP MIB, and MRTG under Windows NT

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Tue Dec 7 20:25:07 MET 1999

>What is the maximum integer MRTG will support?  We recently added RAM to a
>system, and now the RAM exceeds 2GB.  MRTG complains about a "maxint" being
>exceeded. but to me it seems that it must be in MRTG.PL.  Anyone run into
>this problem?

         Yes, I got the same problem, monitoring a HP lxr 8000, with 2Gb 
RAM. Actually, I'm using . to get free by bytes.

         As we're getting free BYTES, the Maxbytes would have to be: 
2147483648, that exceedes maxint from MRTG. I did a simple trick. I 
converted bytes to Mbytes, using:
target[targetname]: oid&oid:community at host / 1024

         So, my maxbytes is now 2097152, supported by MRTG. You should 
notice that I'm going to get the SAME result if I were using bytes. MRTG 
would do this conversion itself.

         I think this simple trick can be used in other situations ..... at 
least worked for my Free RAM.

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