[mrtg] Still problems with CPU

Sottile, Steve SSottile at BGC.COM
Wed Dec 8 17:06:28 MET 1999

	I'm still having a problem capturing router CPU
	I'm running MRTG on NT
	Below is the area of my MRTG.CFG which I pulled 
	from the archives to use as an example. 

	When I run mrtg.cfg from DOS I get an error returned 

	C:\>line 28 in cfg file does not make sense

	Line 28 of my file is indicated below as ***

	Target[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: cpu:public at my.router.ip.address
	MaxBytes[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: 100 
	Options[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: nopercent,growright
	Unscaled[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: dwym
	YLegend[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: % of CPU used  
	ShortLegend[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: % 
	#LegendO[my.router.ip.address.cpu]:  CPU System: 
	#LegendI[my.router.ip.address.cpu]:  CPU User:
	Title[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: CPU Usage 
	PageTop[my.router.ip.address.cpu]: <H1>Sanford Vanguard 320 CPU
Usage > 
***	</H1> > 
	<TABLE> >
 	<TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Machine name</TD></TR> > 

	Please help!
	Thanks in advance

	Steve Sottile
	Bay State Gas
	Phone 508 836-7019
	email ssottile at bgc.com

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