[mrtg] Re: Maxbytes for 1 meg serial?

Nick Bastin nbastin at rbbsystems.com
Fri Dec 10 01:49:51 MET 1999

on 12/9/99 7:45 PM, Alex van den Bogaerdt at alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl

> Same here in the Netherlands (and most of Europe, hence the "E" ?).
> Over here, E1 is sold as 2mb.
> This all doesn't matter, 193000 B/s is still T1 and not E1.  The question
> was about 193000 being correct for 1mb: it is not.
> T1 is probably the default speed for cisco serial interfaces?

Cisco serial interfaces are 4mbps, but I'm assuming that wasn't what you
meant.  There isn't really a default speed for the interface - it's whatever
you hook up to it.  If there's nothing plugged in, the speed is 0.

Nick Bastin <nbastin at acm.org>

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