[mrtg] Re: Maxbytes for 1 meg serial?

Marc-Adrian Napoli marcadrian at cia.com.au
Fri Dec 10 02:08:05 MET 1999

Hi all,

Just to confirm - 125000 is the maxbytes for a 1megabit link.

However, experience has told me that you never get any higher than 100000
bytes. That's why i suggested this number.

1megabit link - 125000 (Never gets higher than about 100000)
2megabit link (DDS, E1) - 250000 (Never gets higher than about 193000)
10megabit link (ethernet) - 1250000 (Never gets higher than about 1000000)


Marc-Adrian Napoli
Connect Infobahn Australia
+61 2 92811750

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