[mrtg] cpu load on newer switches and monitoring other stuff.

Bryan Socha dudder at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 10 04:56:24 MET 1999


  I recently started setting up mrtg and have it doing a lot.  My problem
however is we are running a lot of newer cisco equipment (well not all
newer) but I cannot poll for cpu load the same way I'm polling for
everything else.

For Example, I can poll for CPU usage using the OID that has been passed
around lately in this mailing list, but it will not work with 6509's and
4009's.  Does anyone know the OID for cpu load in those units?

Also, I currently have setup MRTG using the NT version.  Mainly because I do
not know Unix well.  I will probably switch to that once I figure out
exactly what we are going to be watching.  I have seen a lot of "cool"
things you can do using scripts on unix but it seems limited on NT, am I
looking at the wrong things?

also, I saw something on perfmon, can I take data from perfmon and graph
with MRTG?

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