[mrtg] Re: 5 minute cron and RRD Tool

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Dec 10 17:34:49 MET 1999

Bob Tralfaz wrote:
> I want to increase the intervals at wich Data is collected on a DSL line. 5
> minutes just seems to long of a time! I am thinking of using RRD tool to do
> this! Is this the right idea! Or is there some MRTG setting that I have over
> looked. I just don’t have the hart to install some newfangled software into
> my sysem after working out all my MRTG bugs ;-)

Collecting the stats more often is no problem at all, it is storing
them that is difficult.  There is an option to do this in MRTG but it
seems that it is not recommended to do.

Don't be too afraid of rrdtool, it is not too hard to work with.  You
could start by using 14all (in the contrib directory) and read the
rrdtool documentation (and perhaps the tutorial if you like).

Once you have the same functionality in rrdtool as you have in MRTG, you
use "rrdtool tune" to alter the database behaviour, "rrdtool resize" to
alter the size of your archives and you modify crontab.

Alternatively, you skip 14all completely and follow the examples in the
tutorial to write your own rudimentary front end or you use one of the
available front ends as described on the rrdtool web page.

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