[mrtg] Re: Monitoring Up/Down Status On Cisco

Daniel R. Kilbourne drk at voyager.net
Sat Dec 11 17:14:12 MET 1999

If you are going to use this as monitoring of up/down status, though, I 
would not recommend it. There is a freeware program called sysmon that does 
a good job of monitoring. You can get it at http://puck.nether.net/sysmon/ 
. My company uses it to do monitoring of everything, POPs, radius, ports, 
web, so on....


At 02:16 PM 12/10/99 -0500, Thomas Clarke wrote:

>Hi all. I've got a Cisco 3640 with over 100 Hssi Interfaces. I'm 
>monitoring every one of them with mrtg and it works great. My problem is 
>that some of the interfaces have come down recently. My mrtg keeps 
>updating those interfaces although there is no traffic going through them. 
>Is there a way to produce an up/up, up/down, or down/down notification 
>with mrtg so I can see if there's a problem?
>Thanx in advance for the help.
>  TC
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Daniel R. Kilbourne
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