[mrtg] FW: Loading cisco OID into MRTG problem

Clement Cheung ccheung at ocen.com
Tue Dec 21 20:48:55 MET 1999

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Subject: FW: Loading cisco OID into MRTG problem


I did try to use "snmpget" program with this oid string in NT server and it
works well.  I believe that should not relate oid.  What you reckon.


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Today you sent me mail regarding Loading cisco OID into MRTG problem:

*> Hi,
*> Currently I am setting up a MRTG for our cisco network.  I want to load
*> cisco OID into MRTG as described in the cfg.doc.  However, it seems
*> work to me. I wonder could you help to give me some hints to solve the
*> problem.

if you are using numeric OIDs you don't need to load a MIB ...

LoadMIBs: C:\InetPub\wwwroot\MRTG\test\
does not look like a path to a mib but only like a path to a directory

it sees the device you are talking to does not support the OID you are
trying to retreive ...


PS: please direct your support questions to the mrtg mailinglist ...

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