[mrtg] Errors on Cisco Ethernet ??

Darryl Harvey darryl at myinternet.com.au
Thu Dec 23 09:50:19 MET 1999

I am using MRTG to monitor a Cisco 1601 router.  This router has been 
working fine and very rarely giving an error to rateup for the ethernet port.

Now this error is occurring more and more frequent and I think I should 
start to do something about this.

The error is;

PROBLEM: rateup died from Signal 11
  with Exit Value 0 when doing router 'ethernet'
  code was 11, retcode was . If this happens all the time,
  you should probably investigate the cause. :-)

mrtg is running on a RedHat Linux Box, with kernel 2.2.5-15
perl is version 5.005_03 built for i386-linux
Cisco is running;
IOS (tm) 1600 Software (C1600-SY-L), Version 11.3(8), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Can anyone shed some light on to what may cause this error and how I would 
go about fixing it.
(I searched the docs and FTP site, but found nothing)


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