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Sun Dec 26 03:12:56 MET 1999

> I used the script at the end of the  NT install documentation to monitor a
> Cisco 2514. It seems to work. There is not much traffic on the network so it
> stays at 16%, always. I was looking over the script to be sure it was the
> right oid for my 2514 and noticed it is listed twice  i.e.
> .1 Is there a reason for this? Does it hamper proper readings?

I don't know anything about the NT script or what it does, but the same OID
twice is rarely (but occasionally) the Right Thing To Do.

Its effect will be to graph the same data as both the (typically) green and
blue graphs.

The steady 16% (or any other number) suggest you are not reporting what you
think you are.  (Personal opinion is that nothing to do with "traffic" is
ever steady-state.)

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