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Raymond  Norton wrote:
> I used the script at the end of the  NT install documentation to monitor a
> Cisco 2514. It seems to work. There is not much traffic on the network so it
> stays at 16%, always. I was looking over the script to be sure it was the
> right oid for my 2514 and noticed it is listed twice  i.e.
> .1 Is there a reason for this? Does it hamper proper readings?

I guess you're asking about the cpu OID? (

Sometimes you have only one value to monitor.  MRTG however does need
two values as input.  The general solution is to fetch the same OID and
either display one or display both.

This normally doesn't fail.  There is an issue when monitoring the CPU
on NT: the second value will show a much higher value (maybe always
100%) in this case.

Instead of monitoring the same value twice, you could also monitor
another value; just make sure that the values are more or less the
same (or your graph won't be very useful).

If you're unsure, you could (and should) always check the values by
hand using another snmp tool.  There are utilities available (in the
resource kit and from other sources) that can fetch the value for you.
Use them to get familiar with snmp and, in this case, for sanity checks.

Please note that those tools often use a dot in front of the OID (this
is NOT part of the OID!) when a full OID is specified.  They will also
return a partial OID when possible.

You ask:  snmptool.exe get router public .
Answer : = 1234567
When using this tool you could also use the abbreviated OID but you
can't do this in MRTG.  In other words: if it works for snmptool and
it doesn't work for MRTG, check the leading dot.

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