[mrtg] need pointer..

Krell krell at centril.net
Wed Dec 29 08:57:31 MET 1999

Hey Folks!

I think I got in on this list at the end of the discussion about tracking
CISCO interfaces (or any interface/device) by IP address for the sole
purpose of keeping myself sane when interfaces get changed without notice.
How is this done?  Do I just adjust the follow names with the associated
ip address???


change this.device.net to

for the following..

Target[this.device.net]: x:snmp-string at xxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxx
MaxBytes[this.device.net]: 192000
Title[this.device.net]: blah blah blah: Serial2/0:0
PageTop[this.device.net]: blah blah blah Serial2/0:0

Also, I was wondering about how to use the interface descriptors fpr CISCO
products instead of interface names...IE dont use Serial2/0:0 but use Kick
ass Connection to my House...(this  would be in the cisco description
config for the interface).

Again thanks for your help!

Than Chariya
Centril Networks

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