[mrtg] Re: Ascend Pipeline & inOctets

Jeff Liebermann jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us
Wed Jul 7 02:34:58 MEST 1999

> 	Does anyone has the OIDs for the inOctects and OutOctets for
> monitoring traffic in an Ascend Pipeline ? 
> 	I could not get some good results with GetIf ( I am using 
> Windows NT ). By telnetting to the Ascend, I can see the values. But 
> snmpwalk returns the variables with a 0 value.

Ascend has a very unique and stupid implimentation of SNMP
that drives me nuts.  The two big problems are:
1.  Disappearing OID's when the router goes offline.
Compare the results of:
	snmpwalk ascend_router_IP public iso
when the router is up or down.  Some OID's just disappear
when it's down.
2.  Random selection of "ports" per connection with no
apparent or obvious rhyme or reason.

The best you can do is monitor the *TOTAL* traffic in and out.
Quoting from a previous identical question which could have been
easily found in the mailing list archives:

I just add them all up, so it doesn't matter which two ports get used
when the ISDN channels connect (the rest will be zero):

Target[Pipeline50]: 2:;public at
  + 3:;public at
  + 4:;public at
  + 5:;public at
  + 6:;public at
  + 7:;public at
  + 8:;public at
  + 9:;public at
  + 10:;public at
  + 11:;public at
  + 12:;public at

   NOTE: The spaces at the beginning of the continuation lines are

Other relevant setting which I use on our Pipeline 50s:

 Options[Pipeline50]: growright,bits
 Unscaled[Pipeline50]: wmy
 WithPeak[Pipeline50]: wmy
 YSize[Pipeline50]: 200
 AbsMax[Pipeline50]: 2500000
 MaxBytes[Pipeline50]: 16000

Larry Leszczynski
larryl at furph.com

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