[mrtg] cisco 5000 switch . uplink port ?

Werner Dundler Werner.Dundler at austrocontrol.at
Wed Jul 7 08:17:38 MEST 1999


im not very skilled in snmp management so if i ask stubid questions
please forgive me.
i try to log the traffic on an catalyst switch.
my questions :

         i figured out the port (3/1) (show port) wich i want to manage.

         then i searched the mib of the switch to get the "real"
         number  - at this point i failed.
         how can i get the "real" interface number from 3/1 so that i am

         able to log the traffic via :    [port]:public@[ip] with mrtg.

at the end i simple counted the lines from the show port output  ..
but the result i got was quite impossible .. (low values)

                      it would be very nice if anybody could help me.



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