[mrtg] Re: AS5800

Knut A. Syed Knut.Syed at nhh.no
Wed Jul 7 11:18:52 MEST 1999

"kikino su sardu" <kikino at box1.tin.it> writes:

> I have a little problem; I need to count how many user are connected
> int my Cisco as5800.  If possible I like to know how many user are
> connected in ISDN an how many user are in PSTN.

Assuming AS5800 supports a superset of the AS5200 and AS5300's MIB:

To create
<URL:http://www.nhh.no/it/mrtg/dialup-gw.nhh.no/dialup-gw.nhh.no.html> and
I use the following config:

WorkDir: /path/to/your/WorkDir
IconDir: /path/to/your/IconDir

MaxBytes[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: 30

Title[^]: Cisco AS5200 dialup-gw.foo.bar

PageTop[^]: <!--#include virtual="/it/include/body-start.html" -->\n
 <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/it/css/it.css" TITLE="IT">\n
 <H1>Access Server dialup-gw.foo.bar</H1>\n
PageTop[$]: <P>MRTG adapted for NHH by Knut A. Syéd (Knut.Syed at nhh.no)</P>\n

Options[^]: gauge, growright, nopercent
Timezone[^]: UTC
Weekformat[^]: V
WithPeak[^]: ymwd

Colours[^]: GREEN#00ff00,BLUE#0000ff,DARK GREEN#008000,VIOLET#ff00ff

YLegend[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: lines/modems
ShortLegend[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: in use
Legend1[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: Lines in use
Legend2[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: Modems in use
Legend3[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: Maximal 5 Minute lines in use
Legend4[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: Maximal 5 Minute modems in use
LegendI[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: &nbsp; lines:
LegendO[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: &nbsp; modems:

# "ciscoExperiment provides a root object identifier from which
# experimental mibs may be temporarily based.  mibs are typicially based
# here if they fall in one of two categories
# 1) are IETF work-in-process mibs which have not been assigned a
# permanent object identifier by the IANA.
# 2) are cisco work-in-process which has not been assigned a permanent
# object identifier by the cisco assigned number authority, typicially
# because the mib is not ready for deployment.
# NOTE WELL: support for mibs in the ciscoExperiment subtree will be
# deleted when a permanent object identifier assignment is made."
# enterprises:
# cisco:                   .9
# ciscoExperiment:           .10
# CiscoPopMgmtMIB:              .19
# CiscoPopMgmtMIBObjects:          .1
# cpmDS0Usage:                       .1
# cpmISDNCfgBChanInUseForAnalog:       .2
# cpmISDNCfgBChannelsInUse             .3
# er cpmISDNCfgBChanInUseForAnalog
# er cpmISDNCfgBChannelsInUse

Target[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: at dialup-gw.foo.bar
PageTop[dialup-gw.foo.bar]: <H2>Line-usage</H2>\n
 <P>ISDN-lines: 30\n
 <BR>Analog modems: 12</P>\n

MaxBytes[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: 100
YLegend[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: CPU Utilization
ShortLegend[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: %
Legend1[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;BP
Legend2[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;B5
Legend3[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;Maximal 5 Minute BP
Legend4[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;Maximal 5 Minute B5
LegendI[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;BP: 
LegendO[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: &nbsp;B5:

Title[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: CPU
PageTop[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: <H2>CPU</H2>\n
    <DT><STRONG>BusyPer (BP):</STRONG></DT>
    <DD>CPU busy percentage in the last 5 second period. Not 
    the last 5 realtime seconds but the last 5 second period in the
    <DT><STRONG>avgBusy5 (B5):</STRONG></DT>
    <DD>5 minute exponentially-decayed moving average of
    the CPU busy percentage.</DD>\n\n

Target[dialup-gw.foo.bar.cpu]: at dialup-gw.foo.bar

Just remember to replace dialup-gw.foo.bar, WorkDir, IconDir and
community with your local names.

Please note that the mibs in the ciscoExperiment-tree are not available
in all Feature Sets of Cisco IOS.


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