[mrtg] Crush !

Mike Almogy lizard at macam98.ac.il
Sun Jul 11 11:52:29 MEST 1999

Hi All.
I have a problem. 2 weeks ago my mrtg crushed and now Instaed of Kbps he

shows me in some graphs Bps
here is my global cfg :

Refresh: 300
WriteExpires: Yes
XSize[_]: 600
Options[_]: growright, bits

I have 2 questions :
1. is it possible that mrtg will show allways the Maxbits ?
I mean that if i have a 64Kbits line then it always show me 64 Kbits in
the Y axis ?

2. Is there a way to recover the crush i had ?
I have a backup that i took just before the crash , can i use it in
order to "skip" the crush ?




Mike Almogy
Mofet System Administrator.
Pho :972-03-6901417
Cel :972-052-562237
Fax :972-03-6901414

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