[mrtg] Re: Total passed data / traffic

Tim Schuh tschuh at verio.net
Mon Jul 12 19:59:18 MEST 1999

Being part of the Association of Evil Bandwidtch Calculating ISPs I
wrote a couple of completely cryptic scripts to poll the routers and
get ifInOctets and ifOutOctets for each interface.  The logs from
those polls get analyzed and summaries are reported for any interface
in question.  You might do well to write something similar.  I'll be
as helpful as I can without giving you the code that is technically
owned by the company I work for.


Tim Schuh
Network Systems
Verio Central

> > My service provider charges me based on the amount of data i've used. I want
> > to be able to track this and make 
> > modifications to the system to reduce as much unwanted traffic as possible.
> > My system is the following, 
> > but what i want is a climbing graph, showing me when I start to get close to
> > my 600mb limit. There must be a var in the snmpd that will simply report the
> > MAX data thats travelled over that interface since the computer was last
> > booted, and would MRTG not just graph it and therefore produce a climbing
> > graph ? Or am i missing the point :(

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