[mrtg] Re: GD no longer available, what does this mean for MRTG and rrdtool?

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at is.rice.edu
Mon Jul 12 22:54:53 MEST 1999

Gentlemen, don't make this a conspiracy to commit copyright violation.

Please be discreet and take this to private e-mail.


> I do, It has 89 KB
> Can any of you publish it in a FTP server??.

> >I would simply like to know if anyone still has the original tarball?  I'd
> >like to have it for backup purposes... *hint hint*   : )

> >> I was going to download MRTG today, when I went to
> >> http://www.boutell.com/gd/ to get the required GD files.  This web site,
> >> however, reports that "The gd library has been removed from circulation."
> >> What does this mean for MRTG and rrdtool?
> >>
> >

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