[mrtg] MRTG Graph Size?

Clint Alexander Clint.Alexander at corp.ptd.net
Thu Jul 15 17:05:56 MEST 1999

Hello MRTG users.
I have a small problem I'm trying to figure out.
Ok, here's the scenario.
I have a network of roughly 88  Routers & Atm devices. 
I run MRTG on a SunOS 5.7 every 5 minutes.
Taking one Ethernet port on one Router as an example,
The daily graph shows the averages between 0.0M - 10.0M .
Now, suppose this Router only peaks at 420.0K ?
The daily graph only shows a blue line running across
the bottom because it hasn't used anything over 420.0K.
The weekly graph shows averages between 0.0K - 560.0K.
This graph of course shows me more detail.
Is there a way ( that will be Router/port usage dependant ) that I 
can rescale the Daily graph, so I can see actual detailed usage and
not an average between 0.0M - 10.0M ?
I hope this was clear. :)
I am by no means a great Perl programmer.. but I can fumble
through the code, and figure things out.

Clint Alexander 
clinta at corp.ptd.net 
PenTeleData Engineering Dept. 

[- Over-Estimate everything, and nothing will surprise you -] 


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