[mrtg] How to poll Max/Min/Avg/Current values from MRTG?

seong joon bae seongbae at students.uiuc.edu
Fri Jul 16 01:33:41 MEST 1999

I am working on this project that will use MRTG to monitor the temperature
in our Machine Room. I've wrriten a code that polls the temperature from
the measuring device and sends the temperature to the MRTG.
I've done writing mrtg.cfg and tried to run it.
It works fine.
But I want to poll just Current/Max/Min/Average values(temperatures) for
last 24 hours from MRTG.  I read through config.txt and manual.txt
completely but couldn't find anything about getting those values
separately from MRTG.
Could someone help me on this?
Thank you.

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