[mrtg] Re: How to poll Max/Min/Avg/Current values from MRTG?

Martin Ansdell-Smith mas at ansdell.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 17 23:19:07 MEST 1999

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, seong joon bae wrote:

> Hello,
> I am working on this project that will use MRTG to monitor the temperature
> in our Machine Room. I've wrriten a code that polls the temperature from
> the measuring device and sends the temperature to the MRTG.
> I've done writing mrtg.cfg and tried to run it.
> It works fine.
> But I want to poll just Current/Max/Min/Average values(temperatures) for
> last 24 hours from MRTG.  I read through config.txt and manual.txt
> completely but couldn't find anything about getting those values
> separately from MRTG.
> Could someone help me on this?

An easy way is to parse the .html file generated by mrtg.
You can either pick up on the displayed figures below the graph(s) or
use the commented values such as 
<!-- maxin d 1 -->
<!-- maxout d 87 -->
<!-- avin d 1 -->
<!-- avout d 34 -->
<!-- cuin d 1 -->
<!-- cuout d 0 -->
and so on for ... w, ... m, ... y as appropriate.



Martin Ansdell-Smith
Network Analyst			http://www.ansdell.demon.co.uk/

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