[mrtg] Re: Feature Request

Pete Templin templin at urdirect.net
Sun Jul 18 17:01:52 MEST 1999

On Sat, 17 Jul 1999, Jeff Liebermann wrote:

> Can someone give me a pointer (or do the work) on tweaking
> the mrtg Perl code so that *MISSING* data (i.e. the router
> goes offline or the server stopped polling for SNMP data) or
> gaps in the data show up as a zero on the graph instead of
> a straight line with a value of the last recorded number?

An alternate feature request:  What if the graph line(s) changed color?

Another alternate feature request: What if the graph changed color when
the interface status changed?  Example: router1 is still responding to
SNMP, but serial0/0 changes status to down. 


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