[mrtg] Re: Feature Request

Eric Werner ewerner at nwlink.com
Tue Jul 20 21:39:28 MEST 1999

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Jeff Liebermann wrote:

> Incidentally, the telecom tech sent my faxed MRTG graphs to his boss
> who declared that everything was just fine because the MRTG graph
> showed that there apparently was traffic.  Not only did he not believe
> my story about the "anomaly" in the graphing, but he declared that
> any monitoring tool that displays bogus traffic is useless.  

I would argue that anyone familir with the monitoring tool, and it's
idiosyncracies, would see the flatline, in the middle of a graph that
rises and falls often, as a sign that something is not right.  Maybe it's
just me, but I have never seen any of my feeds transfer at the exact same
rate for any peroid of time.  

It's a metter of perspective, too.  The telco rep is, of course, going to
claim that their stuff is working just fine, and show the graph as a part
of his evidence.

>From my viewpoint, MRTG isn't displaying bogus traffic.  It's simply
saying, "I have no data beyond this value at this time, and since time
still progresses, I will stick with that value until something else comes

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