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Jeff Liebermann jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us
Tue Jul 20 22:25:51 MEST 1999

> It's a metter of perspective, too.  The telco rep is, of course, going to
> claim that their stuff is working just fine, and show the graph as a part
> of his evidence.

That's exactly the current problem.  The telco tech is very
familiar with MRTG as they use it internally to monitor some
of their own hardware.  The behavior is well know and recognized.
However, it is the customers responsibility in a SLA (service
level agreement) to demonstrate that an outage has occurred.
I couldn't do that with the resultant graphs.

I also received some email asking me what I was my problem with
Ascend SNMP.  I have several problems but the most interesting one
is the disappearing OID's in the P50/75/130 routers.  When the
router goes offline, attempting to get valid data from specific
OID's (I don't have the list handy) will result in "OID not found"
or "no response".  If you dump the MIB tree from the router with:
	snmpwalk router_name community iso
and compare the results when the router is on-line and off-line,
you'll see quite a difference in the number of OID's available.
Apparently Ascend's answer to the output of invalid data is to
simply make the OID disappear so that there is NO data.  Yech.

Where this really becomes entertaining is the OID for whether
the router is on or off line also disappears.  I was trying to
make a graph of the times the router is on-line and off.  What
I got instead was a straight line showing that the router was
always online.  MRTG was using the last known value of the OID
before it disappeared.  Although there was no data returned
when the router was off-line, the MRTG graph indicated that it
was online.  I did fabricate a workaround for this problem.

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