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Ramil Montallana RamilM at corp.netzero.net
Wed Jul 21 21:49:37 MEST 1999

I will be interested in using your scripts. 
I am a still new to MRTG and base from what I have read i think
that will be a good idea of setup in our network.

If that is not a problem.....

Ramil Montallana
NetZero - Operations Engineer
ramilm at netzero.net

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From: Repucci, John (STP) [mailto:john.repucci at guidant.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 5:56 AM
To: 'Alf Hardy'; 'mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch'
Subject: [mrtg] MRTG config / mgmt wrapper

1) Separate all of your devices into groups ( I call them regions - could be
device types, divisions, continents, states, etc... ).  I suggest only 5
regions, primarily so that each region can have a separate crontab entry (
one each minute )  ( I have 8 regions, but some of them are very small and
are set to cron at the same time. )
2) create sub-directories for each region and modify your MRTG config file
to point to the appropriate working directory.  ( remember to move the
existing files into the new working directories.
3) Create an index.html or defualt.html front page with a table / cell or
each region.  Edit the source code and insert a html comment in each cell
specific to each region.  ( ie: <!-- Region1 Add Here --> ).  This front
page could be broken down into sub-pages as desired.
4) Write a wrapper around the MRTG config file / process which collects new
device info, creates the new config, inserts it into the appropriate config
file, and edits the index.html file to insert a link to the new devices html
page in its appropriate working directory.

I have done the above and have a menu driven shell script / Perl program
combination which allows me to refresh the devices in a region and to add a
new device to a region.  I still have to add some error checking and add a
delete device section.  If there is a good deal of interest, I can make this
set of scripts available.  Note that my solution is unix-centric and may not
be general-purpose enough for all solutions.

Hope this helps.

John Repucci
Guidant Corp.

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> Sent:	Wednesday, July 21, 1999 5:45 AM
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> Subject:	[mrtg] MRTG-2.7.5 on Nt4.0 SP 3
> Hello all,
> I am using MRTG successfully to monitor a number of Routers. I am using
> the
> indexmaker to generate a web page with the relevant router interface
> index. 
> However, I would like to be able to modify MRTG in such a way that it will
> list the Routers by name, then have links to their respective interfaces
> when you click on the router description. By doing this the top level
> (effectively) web page would have router descriptions only and subsequent
> links would point to a web page with all the interfaces listed for each
> router.
> At present I have hundreds of entries on a single web page which is
> ungainly.
> I am a novice with MRTG at present so any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Regards
> Alf

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